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Artisan Tiles: Handcrafted in the Heart of Wine Country

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Our Story

Crafted in California

Our designs are created in the heart of wine country in Healdsburg, California. Our process has a direct connection with the land and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

About Mcintyre
For Homeowners

For Homeowners

Bring the storied art of ceramics into your home, with handcrafted tiles you can be proud to own.

Project Inspiration
Residential Designers

Residential Designers

Exceed your client’s expectations with the artisan approach. Connect with us to share your artistic vision.

Design Assistance
Commercial Contractors

Commercial Contractors

Artisan tiles add the perfect touch of craftsmanship to commercial spaces. View our resources for available tech specs.

Contractor Specifications
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Our Focus

Committed to Sustainability

We continually strive to utilize the most environmentally responsible manufacturing methods available. We realize that when we take part of the Earth’s crust and fire it into tile, we have made something that has the potential to last as long as our planet. We take great pride in our work and the impact that it has.


McIntyre is literally in every house I am designing!

— TM, Designer

If anyone could get close to my custom color, it's McIntyre.

— DD, Contractor

Each tile is beautiful and unique - prefect for my backsplash!

— JH, Homeowner

The possibilities are endless.

— SJ, Contractor

A small company with a long and rich history in Healdsburg - they know how to get the job done right.

— LM, Dealer
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Every piece is truly unique

Product Variation

Variations in size, shape, sheen and color are to be expected and loved from handcrafted tile and brick!